Spanish Communication and Media Studies: a thermometer

January 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

Next week the Spanish Association of Communication Research (AE-IC) is celebrating its 3rd congress in Tarragona, hosted by the Department of Communication Studies at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili. The meeting will be a great occasion for measuring the quality and weight of the field, through the presentation of near four hundred communications.

The conference theme is ‘Communication and Risk’ and the invited keynote speaker will be Professor David L. Altheide (Arizona State University), who will present a speech entitled ‘Shielding Risk’  (available in Spanish here). Armand Mattelart will be also present at the conference, in which homage will be devoted to Roman Gubern.

This meeting is going to be a thermometer of the situation of Communication Research in Spain, which in my opinion crosses a sweet moment, although having several handicaps and future challenges: to increase the quality of research standards and output, more internationalization of its scope or the need of a leadership based in the results and applicability of its efforts more than in the hierarchic structure of Spanish academia. Next week, Tarraco will recover for two days the status of Capital of Hispania, at least in Communication Research.


Framing radio and political conflict in Spain

January 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Marta Montagut is finishing her PhD thesis on framing and the journalistic treatment of the Constitutional Court cuts on the Catalan Statute. In the next Congress of the Spanish Association for Communication Studies (AE-IC), she will present part of the method applied to study the topic. It is a really original approach to political conflict and radio journalism. Indeed, we have not found a research applying frame analysis to radio content in the way Marta has done it. The results are being written at this moment, and I am supervising the whole work. She has found four main frames, namely (difficult translation to English): constitutional, pro-statute, pro-sovereignity and pro-independence. This interesting work will be fully published when she will finish the thesis. Anyway, for those interested in the work, there is already a paper explaning the method (in Spanish). You can access to this paper here.

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