Adapting Historical Narratives: a fruitful academic event

March 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Nice conference at De Monfort University (Leicester, UK) titled Adapting Historical Narratives this week. Organized at the Centre for Adaptations of the Faculty of Humanities, the conference was a fruitful chance to meet interesting people working on a wide range of topics in the field of adaptation. In my panel, Julia Nitz (Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg) presented a paper entitled ‘Photographic Narratives in Ken Burns’ The Civil War”, which offered an insightful analysis of how Burns used photography in his documentary on the American Civil War. I also had the chance to know the work of two other young and promising researchers from Belgium. They contributed in the panel I chaired on Nation, Conflict and History. They are Christophe Collard (Free University of Brussels) and Gertjan Willems (Ghent University). Collard offered a broad analysis of the broadcast of the ‘fake’ current affairs program ‘Bye, Bye, Belgium’, linking it to the paradigm of ‘remediation’. He studied the characteristics of the program and its response by the audience. Willems studied the film ‘The Lion of Flanders’ (Claus), based in the novel of the romantic Flemish writer H. Conscience. His presentation offered not only deep analysis but also we knew about some  curiosities, like the fact that the French actors appearing in the film were all recruited among Dutch. The conference, organized by Deborah Cartmell and Claire Monk, was also a chance to know the journal ‘Adaptations’. In the conference, I presented my work on the narratives on Catalan TV about the Spanish Civil War. More here.


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