Interviewing Tresserras

April 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

The last issue of the CJCS (4.1) is publishing an interview I did to Joan Manuel Tresserras, professor at the UAB and former Minister of Culture of the Catalan Government (2006-10). It is a large text which I did not manage to cut more as I found all the content of extreme interest.

Tresserras offers a valuable view on the evolution of the thought and the research on communication and cultural studies in Catalonia. At ‘Beginings and Theoretical Foundations’, Tresserras explains the rationale that brought his marxist approach to take a pro-independence position during the 70’s. Later, he enters on the relation between academia and cultural policies in Catalonia, all trying to understand the contribution of relevant scholars to society and the political sphere. Tresserras was undoubtedly the key figure who did suitable the current Law of Cinema, which should bring Catalan language to the big screen. In the interview, he defends the need of this new legal tool in order to assure the ‘normal’ presence of the language at the theaters. Closing the interview, he criticizes going on the social and cultural cuts of funding, which are being made in the current context of crisis.

For me, interviewing Tresserras was a great experience and I witnessed the lucid thought an intellectual who was close to the political powers and decision makers, but who always kept his scholarship in a bright tone.


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