Ibercom, almost ten years after

May 30, 2013 § 1 Comment

I remember to assist in 2004 to Ibercom, the congress which bring together scholars on communication studies from Spain, Portugal and Latinamerica. Then it was in Covilha (Portugal) and was the best organized conference I assisted since this moment in the Iberian Peninsula. Today, I am in Santiago de Compostela, almost ten years after, participating in the same conference.

Foto0047It is being a rather successful event in quantitative terms and organization. There are a lot of scholars coming from Spain and specially Portugal. Some of the presentations are being of quality although I have assisted to plenary sessions and I note the incapacity of Iberian scholars to go forward the already existing topics and debates years ago. Now the economic crisis and the special impact in Portugal and Spain media and communication systems is in the agenda of the discussions, but it is rather discouraging to see that the considered ‘top scholars’ in the field are so rooted in old debates and premisses.

Younger researchers and participants are bringing few fresh air to the research and issues. One of the lack of this kind of events is the few real research presented in the sessions; some sessions sink to critical but unproductive debates, most interesting in terms of ideas exposed but generally very poor in terms of progression of the field and innovation of perspectives, etc. Other of the improvable points of the congresses like this is the almost nonexistent participation of some of the first-line and senior scholars in the field, and specially those who are offering some international impact in their production. Are they not interested in spreading their results in this kind of events?


A video on the project

May 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

Finally, I decided to produce a video offering a resume of the project on media and conflict which I am leading. It has been a pretty nice experience realized by Mireia Ribé, and with the participation of my colleague Arantxa Capdevila. Indeed, I had never participated in a ‘research trailer’, although I had watched several and most universities are using this tool in order to spread results and to get a wider visibility. In this occasion, we structured the video in two parts: the first one ofering an overall on the nature of the project and some of our theoretical approach, and the second showing one of the case studies, with Arantxa commenting main points.

In general, I am glad to have now this, as a tool for dissemitating the research and perhaps having a greater impact. However, I do not feel very comfortable watching myself in the screen, but this has a more difficult solution.


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