Introducing Social Media to Students

March 11, 2015 § Leave a comment

Yesterday I delivered a talk on social media and communications to my students in Tarragona. They could follow the session quite well and afterwards we had an interesting discussion about issues like using social media for commercial purposes, the ‘intrusion’ of all type of professionals in journalism, the fact that some companies are using social media to explore the job candidate profiles, etc.

The session focused on the three student profiles in the class as, jointly with my colleague Nereida Carrillo, we have a group of 138 students in the BA in Journalism, BA in Public Relations and Advertising and BA in Audiovisual Communication. Among the topics and keywords, we discussed about reputation, self-regulation, credibility, collaborative productions, etc. I also focused on several case studies on city council’s Facebook pages, mainstream media use of Twitter or new crowdfunding successful initiatives through fund raising websites.


Social Media and Communication. An introduction. Session at URV, March 2015


  • What are social media about?
  • Which are the key issues for PR, journalists and creative staff?
  • What are some of the benefits and risks for communication professionals?

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