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October 2, 2015 § Leave a comment

Yesterday, I was speaking at the inaugural session of the Master on Strategic Communication at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili, a program that I am coordinating this year. It was a really nice event in which we had the occasion to listen Jordi Suàrez on a conference entitled ‘Communication, wine and territory. The case of DOQ Priorat’.

DSC_0048_okSuárez explained us about the identity of the DOQ Priorat, the association of around 600 wine producers in one tiny area of Catalonia, very steep and difficult to cultivate. The communication strategy is constructed around a storytelling starting in the Middle Ages in the old monastery of Scala Dei, in the heart of the region. One of the mottos of Priorat product is “Heroic wine”, and it is very much accented by the soils of licorella, a slate rock that covers the whole area.

DSC_0094_okHe also explained about the events, the fairs and the tasting sessions for specialized journalists and sommeliers from around the world. We learnt about the importance of producing labels like ‘wines of vila’ and ‘wines of finca’, that arouse the curiosity of some specialized reviews and international forums. All in all, it was a great moment ended with a short taste of Onix, one of my favorite wines by Priorat DOQ.

This year of our Master in Strategic Communication is very promising. We have students from Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, China, Georgia, Russia and Venezuela. It is a very active group of future communication experts that we are proud to train.


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