The optimistic activism of Capdevila

June 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

The director of the newspaper Ara, Carles Capdevila, offered a great speech yesterday evening in the Universitat Rovira i Virgili. On the occasion of the graduation of around 70 students in Journalism and Advertising & Public Relations, Capdevila gave some key ideas to keep an optimistic activism in troubled times. The journalist leads a daily born when the crisis was already established in Catalonia but with a considerable success. Today, Ara has a circulation of around 60.000 copies and is leading the on-line platforms in Catalan language.

Capdevila, who is the padrí (sponsor of the promotion 2007-2012) of the students, addressed to us reminding that, in bad times, there is no other choice than to be optimistic. He encouraged the listeners to have an entrepreneur spirit during the next years. Among his brilliant ideas, he considers that current society has an adolescent attitude, what means progress in relation to the childish responses of the people in the past -when everybody tent to do what they were told to do-. Today, any idea, profession or status is constantly questioned. And this is good! -although sometimes exhausting!-. Therefore, journalists -like teachers or doctors- are put under scrutiny at all time.

Capdevila, who began as a journalist in her village doing a radio program, also encouraged the students to create their own work: “I have never asked for work, I have always created my job”, he claimed. As overall, the graduation was a nice event -the room was completely full!-, where parents, students and teachers shared a time for celebration.


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