A motivating MA year

December 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

If I’m not wrong this is my fourth year teaching in the MA in Strategic Communication at URV, MASTERDEC and it is my pleasure to see that the program is improving each year in quality and quantity of students enrolled. The Master is coordinated by Dr. Paul Capriotti and I am teaching a course entitled  Media Text Analysis. In this subject, I have six sessions to invite the students to know more about how to approach media texts using several methods, including content analysis, framing and discourse and narrative approaches. This year’s promotion is a very dynamic group of a great international profile (the students are coming from seven or eight different countries!).

This year I also offered some sessions in the MA on TV Entertainment, jointly by URV and Gestmusic and coordinated by Dr. Josetxo Cerdán. This is the first year of this innovative MA program which is closely approaching the students to the TV industry. The MA is specialized in big entertainment production and I did introduced them in a couple of sessions to the concept of TV format and to the dialogue between TV market and cultural identity factors, putting a final attention on Catalan TV entertaniment model. As overall, this is being a motivating MA year.


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