The Constitutional Court on the Catalan Statute

June 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Next week Marta Montagut will be presenting in Pamplona a contribution on how radio in Catalonia treated the Constitutional Court sentence on the Catalan Statute. The research is part of the project “The media construction of political and territorial conflict in Spain. Studying discourses and narratives” (CSO-2010-20047).

The Constitutional Court on the Catalan Statute. Radio diversities

Marta Montagut & Enric Castelló

ECREA Journalism Studies Section Conference – 2011
Diversity of Journalisms: Shaping complex media landscapes
Pamplona (Spain), 4th & 5th July, 2011


This research will present part of the results on the analysis of radio journalism about the sentence of the Spanish Constitutional Court on the Catalan Statute, the June 28th 2010, and is part of the project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation CSO2010-20047, “The media construction of political and territorial conflicts in Spain: a study on discourses and narratives”. Prior to the radio content analysis, we have conducted in-depth interviews with radio editors and political party public relations in order to know about editor’s strategies to get privileged information and parties’ strategies to have influence on the political news. The media reported on this topic during days with a wide diversity of treatments which depended on several factors. In particular, we focused on the main four morning talk radio shows aired during the first week after the sentence. We applied a frame analysis framework to the content of the prime time programs with the aim of establishing the main frames that appear in the news and compare them with those spread by Catalan parties. The preliminary results offer a great diversity of treatment among the main radio stations regarding the framing. Moreover, this research stresses the intense role of radio journalists’ reframing in order to adapt the different arguments to the program and/or radiostation editorial line. We propose the concept of reframing as a central role in the journalist practice and define the concept as the journalists’ competence to read, understand, contextualize and transform the frames provided by political parties (or other sources) acting as frame sponsors. This skill can vary in intensity (weak/strong re-framer) and it will allow us to analise a wide diversity of journalistic practices and to clarify the dependent attraction-rejection relationship between  journalists and political PR’s.


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