Mediatizing conflict in Spain

September 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

We have recently published a book on the mediatization of political conflict within the Spanish context. La mediatización del conflicto político, which I have edited, offers a deep analysis on several political and sociocultural conflicts and its treatment by the Spanish press and radio. The book is leaded by a theoretical approach to the concepts of mediatization and political conflict, which also tries to update the last international advances in the field. A set of nine case studies are analysing aspects like the constitutional trial of the Catalan statue and the massive demonstrations in Barcelona claiming for the independence, the processes of legalization of the Basque political parties, or the controversies in Galicia and the reform of the regional statute. The book is also touching other topics, like the political controversies on the so-called ‘Papepeles de Salamanca’, the banning of bullfighting in Catalonia or the politization of football in Spain.

Overall, I think that with this book we have contributed to a better understanding of how media in Spain, and specifically newspapers, offer a politized and polarized narrative which not always help in a better knowing of the political reality.


Modesta España: nice reading

May 19, 2012 § 1 Comment

These days I have read ‘Modesta España. Paisaje después de la austeridad’ (Modest Spain. Landscape after austerity). In this book the journalist Enric Juliana offers a great picture of contemporary Spanish politics. The book tries to approach to the extremely complicated Iberian relationships and depicts the historical rooted tensions between centre and periphery. Juliana uses the metaphor of the “cavallero del verde gabán (green coat knight), a character of the Quixote, to refer to the lack of modesty of the Spanish attitudes. The thesis of the book is really suggestive and takes an old political map (illustrating the cover) to understand the structural (economic and political) composition of current Iberia. A must reading for those who want to understand political conflict in Spain.

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