Last conferences

Castelló, Enric and Montagut, Marta (2019). Poster presentation. Understanding Wildfires: Stakeholders, Institutions, Citizens. Assembly Meeting of the COST Action FireLinks in Sofia (Bulgaria). Oct 8-9.

Castelló, Enric. 2019. “Organizational Communication of the Commons: Any Particularity?”. in Tejerina, Miranda B., and Perugorría I. (eds) Sharing Society. The Impact of Collaborative Collective Actions in the Transformation of Contemporary Societies. Proceedings of the Conference, pp. 133-142. -Bizkaia Aretoa, University of the Basque Country, Bilbao (Spain). May 23-24.

Castelló, E. & Montagut,  M.  2018. “Wildfires and environmental activists. Storytelling and framing in organizations about fire prevention and mitigation”. Mediaflows congress. Activismo y acción colectiva en la era digital: comunicación política y cambio social. Valencia, 14-16 November.

Castelló, E. & Montagut, M. 2018. ‘Media frame impact on people’s understandings of wildfires. A survey on responsibility switching after media exposure’. Forum on Catalan Wildfire Research. 6 November. Barcelona. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and Pau Costa Foundation. On-line.