Last 5-year publications


Selection of articles, books and book sections

Castelló, E. (forthcoming, 2023) Relocated rural. Exploring narratives beyond the empty Spain. Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies. accepted May 9th.

Castelló, E. (forthcoming 2023) Voices from the Emptiness. TV-mediated agentic rural in Spain, Critical Studies in Television: The International Journal of Television Studies, accepted Feb 3rd.

Castelló, E. (forthcoming 2023) ‘The mediatization of the resilience frame: a new understanding of wildfires in the Spanish mainstream media (2017-2021)’, in Rodrigo-Comino, J. and Salvati, L. (eds) Fire effects on Earth System: Society and Regional Issues. Springer. New York.

Castelló, E., Lövgren, D. & Svensson, G. (2022) The Narratives of Geographical Indications as Commons: A Study on Catalan and Swedish Cases. Food, Culture & Society, published, 24 March.

Castelló, E. & Romano, M. J. (2021) Shepherdesses: new representations of rural women in Spain. Feminist Media Studies, published, 2 Nov.

Castelló, E. (2021) The will for terroir. A communicative approach. Journal of Rural Studies, 86: 386-397.

Castelló, E. (2020) The Storytelling in Applications for EU Quality Schemes for Agricultural Products and Foodstuffs: Place, Origin and Tradition. Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research, 18(2): e0105.

Castelló, E. & Montagut, M. (2019) Framing Forest Fires and Environmental Activism: a Storytelling about Human Intervention in Nature. Communication & Society, 32(4): 291-306.


Castelló, E. (2019) Comunicación y ser de la organización. [Communication and being of the organization]. València: Tirant lo Blanch Humanidades. ISBN: 978-84-17508-95-1. Visitar web.

Book reviews and others

Castello, E. (2019) Cómo gestionar la comunicación de las organizaciones en el siglo XXI. The Conversation España, 10 July.

Castelló, E. (2019) Emmarcant el foc. Ara, 28 June, p. 29.

Castelló, E. (2019) Denominacions d’origen i procomú. Conca 5.1., 29 April. Agora 5.1.