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Selection of articles, books and book sections

Castelló, E. (2020) The Storytelling in Applications for EU Quality Schemes for Agricultural Products and Foodstuffs: Place, Origin and Tradition. Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research, just accepted.

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Book chapters

León-Solís, F., Castelló, E. & O’Donnell, H. (2018) Spanish Media and the EU Referendum 2016: The Assault on an Enlightened Project, pp. 207-222 in Anthony Ridge-Newman, Fernando León-Solís and Hugh O’Donnell (eds) (2018) Reporting the road to Brexit: International Media and the EU Referendum. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

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Book reviews and others

Castello, E. (2019) Cómo gestionar la comunicación de las organizaciones en el siglo XXI. The Conversation España, 10 July.

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